North Bay Regional Health Centre
North Bay Regional Health Centre

Critchley Delean Trussler Evans Bertrand


The innovative architecture of the site was ideal for showcasing dramatic building features, but it also presented the challenge of lighting vast public areas without creating glare. The solution was to create layers of lighting. Indirect 400 watt pulse start metal halide luminaires highlighted the space as well as the warmth of natural wood materials. Wall mounted luminaries were installed above sightlines of the public. 200 watt pulse start metal halide multi-tier pendants were mounted lower to provide the majority of the ambient lighting, requiring lamps to be obscured from all sightlines. They also act as prominent design features at night. The lighting was designed to strictly limit night-time stray light, and conforms to the LEED® criteria for a “dark night sky”. This required the use of sharp cut-off luminaires that had to be carefully located to provide adequate illumination.

LEDs and fluorescents provide both task and ambient lighting. Energy efficient LED lighting for patient rooms helps reinforce circadian rhythms. Fluorescent post-top mounted luminaires flow through the space, enhancing the theme of street lighting. All luminaires were selected to be easily maintained, in some cases with remote mounting ballasts.


Photo Courtesy of Evans Bertrand

North Bay Regional Health Centre