Royal Jubilee Hospital Patient Care Centre
Vancouver Island Health Authority

Cannon Design


This facility combines standard health care with mental health care, with the design criteria to be elder-friendly, green, an attractive workplace and to take a humanized approach to healing in order to improve recovery time. Our design challenge was to provide the same look and design for both health care areas, while delivering a higher security level for luminaires on the Mental Health floors for the safety of patients and staff.

LED technology and new T5 and T5HO fluorescent lamps with programmed start ballasts were utilized, both to adhere to the P3 budget and to meet LEED® requirements of watt/ft2. The Patient Care Centre also features an aboriginal healing chamber, where traditional native rites can be performed. Daylighting provides non-glare sources to promote patient well-being. Exterior gardens create soothing environments with safety and security in mind. The lighting design for the pathways and gardens feature exterior LED step lights and bollards.

Royal Jubilee Hospital Patient Care Centre